1) Physical Activity workshops

I work with Public Health England as a Clinical Champion for physical activity. We run workshops on the

“The importance of physical activity for disease management and prevention  – why and how we should talk to patients about physical activity.”

I also run private workshops as an independent clinician on

“The importance of physical activity on health and longevity – how and why we should move more.”

This is to people and companies both within and outside the healthcare space.

2) Wellbeing workshops

I work as a practitioner and clinical lead for the GP health service that supports doctors struggling with mental ill-health and run a website full of stories and resources around burnout and mental ill-health.

I run and facilitate a variety of workshops around emotional wellbeing and self-care to doctors through GPH, and also privately to other groups both within and outside the health care space.

3) Lifestyle Medicine workshops

According to the Global Lifestyle Medicine Alliance 2014, Lifestyle medicine is:

 “A branch of evidence based medicine in which comprehensive lifestyle changes including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, social support and environmental exposures are used to prevent, treat and reverse the progression of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes.”

I work as a regional director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and through this deliver talks about the context and current challenges of modern day medicine, what lifestyle medicine is (and isn’t!) and where it fits in with conventional medicine. We look at the root causes of disease and the challenges of behaviour change and how a lifestyle medicine approach can make a real difference.